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HH Coder operates like a ride sharing service. You might not always need an outsourced coder, but when you do, it should be simple, fast, affordable, and reliable.

Our service is always on-demand, so you are not paying us when you don't need us. We specialize in OASIS coding for Home Health Agencies, so you know you are getting quality coders for your OASIS.

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We have handpicked coders all over the US that meet our high expectations. Requirements our coders are subjected to:

  • Certified specifically to home health (i.e. HCS-D and or BCHH-C)
  • Up-to-date with PDGM
  • Must have a medical background (i.e. RN, LVN, PT, etc.)
  • Must have at least 2+ years of home health coding experienced after being certified
  • Pass our stringent coding test for competency and up-to-date coding guidelines

Our HIPAA compliant, TLS encrypted platform takes security with the utmost importance.

No document uploads necessary:
Your charts stay in your EMR, you grant us the access we need to efficiently code your documents within your current system.

Business Associate Agreement:
Receive a Business Associate Agreement from HH-Coder the moment you sign up your agency.


How It Works


Sign up for a free account. Setup is completely automated unless your agency has special needs (i.e. company specific BAA, complicated EMR login procedure, etc. )

You will need to create an account in your EMR for us and provide us with this information during the automated setup procedure.

We will provide you with a signed BAA. If your agency requires a specific BAA to be signed by us, send us a copy at admin@hhcoder.com and we can review and sign it.


Fill out our easy to use "job order" form to submit coding tasks into our system.

This will automatically put the charts into our queue for our coders.

You will need to store a card on file* for us to bill once we have completed your charts.

Only a hold will be placed on your card for the initial amount until the order has been completed.

*If you prefer a different payment method, contact us directly to set up a retainer


Your charts are now in our que and will be coded promptly.

You will be contacted if we need additional information in order to accurately code your chart(s).

You will receive an email once they have been completed.

If you have any concerns with the charts, feel free to contact the coding manager provided to you once you submitted your job order.

The simplest coding solution on the planet!